Are Psychics “Real”?

Whenever someone talks about psychics and mediums, there’s one question that always comes up. Namely, are psychics real. Most psychics respond to this with a certain amount of humor, perhaps pinching themselves and saying that yes, they exist. Yet humor does not get rid of the basic question, which is a question of truth. That is, do psychics actually tell the truth when they say that they can connect with some spiritual intuition? Are psychics actually being honest when they say they can connect with some unseen knowledge?



The unfortunate fact is that it can be difficult to pin down whether or not it’s truth. This isn’t because it can’t be scientifically tested, as some people think. It’s because the way psychic connections work isn’t the same way some people think.

When you go to a psychic reader, they use some tool or another in order to divine information. This information may seem vague and cryptic to an outsider, and yet meaningful and important to the person hearing it. To some, this is proof of a technique called “cold reading“. That is, a technique in which a person says something vague that could mean anything, and waits for a reaction from the person being read. As they get reactions, they attempt more and more specific information, until the person being read feels like it’s specific to them. Yet it was never specific at all, it was simply something that sounded like it could be specific.

  • It’s certainly true that some supposed psychics will use this technique. But many psychics do not. Yet it’s difficult to tell, because psychic readings are about a connection between two people. That connection brings out the information, and that intuition allows the reader to begin understanding information as they receive it. To many people, this looks exactly the same as cold reading, even though it’s not.
  • Luckily, there’s a way to judge whether or not a psychic is “real”, without depending on them giving 100% specific and accurate information. The way to judge is by judging what you get out of a visit. With most psychic readings, what happens is that you sit across from a stranger, and tell them things from your life. They ask questions, and give advice and information based on what they receive from their divination tools and their intuition, and allow you to form your own conclusions and decide your own path.
  • If this sounds familiar, that’s because there’s another job that does something similar. The job is called a therapist, and the activity is often referred to as therapy. True, a therapist is unlikely to use divination tools such as tarot cards and crystals. They’re much more likely to use tools such as the Sedona Method and psychoanalysis. Yet the basic process is the same. You sit down, speak to a stranger about your life, and because the stranger is disconnected from the situation they can offer advice and guidance that someone closer and more biased may not be able to offer.
  • When considered in that way, it almost doesn’t matter whether or not psychics are “real” at all! Because the purpose of a psychic reading has nothing to do with whether or not the psychic is actually talking to the spirits of the dead, or intuitively reading into your past. The purpose of a psychic reading is to help you find guidance through a difficult life situation, and give you information and advice that you could not arrive at yourself.

So, are psychics “real”? Of course they are! Because “real” is a matter of what you’re trying to get out of the reading!

Ghost hunting – the new profession

There are a1424020224683lways been an argument going on between science and common man regarding the existence of paranormal activities. People have always been facing some kind of strange activities in their lives which is called as paranormal activities though we do not have any scientific proofs for them till date.

There are many instruments been found out to detect the activities of ghosts and paranormal activities and these instruments are used by professional paranormal activist or ghost detectors to detect ghosts. There are many scary incidences in the world related to ghosts and people have has even life threatening experiences with ghost. For all those people ghost detectors came as saviors to help them.

A ghost detector is a professional who has had education in this field. They are people who exactly believe and lives exactly like all of us it is just that they have taken this as their profession. There are many institutes that teach to detect paranormal activities and there are many people who are going into this field. You can get their details from online and get in touch with them if you doubt of having any abnormal activities at your house or work place. A ghost hunter will come and clear all your doubts.

Paranormal Investigation teams

paranormal10I believe the majority of the Paranormal Investigation teams missions are all the same. Mine is this I am here to aid the living, which are experiencing severe, disturbing, or friendly/frightening paranormal activity in their lives. I take an unbiased, logical, scientific, and professional approach. While at the same time I attempt to discover the truth behind the event, to offer closure for all those affected; living or dead.

I specialize in the investigation and paranormal phenomenon. My vision is to collect information and analyze available evidence about the phenomenon experienced by the living, and attempt to find a cause and solution. I adhere to my beliefs and its method and philosophy about situations deemed as paranormal phenomenon.paranormal8

I further affirm that I am dedicated to the continued study of the paranormal and attempting to help you develop a better understanding of what they are experiencing in your life to the best of my knowledge. I believe in the Paranormal, proving that it exists is not my goal. I accept, that you may have the belief that such a thing doesn’t exist, and for those who don’t or can’t believe I say this, ” I will never have enough proof for you because no proof is possible”.